The Greenhouse Project

ABRUZZO/BODZIAK ARCHITECTS Emily Abruzzo and Gerard Bodziak

Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation Nuala Gallagher

New York Sun Works Laurie Schoeman

DesigNYC partners civic-minded designers with nonprofits through a competitive annual selection process. I was honored to work with The Greenhouse Project, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, and ABRUZZO/BODZIAK ARCHITECTS on a project to introduce moveable greenhouses to abandoned lots in East New York, Brooklyn. The goal of the design was to make a high-tech hydroponics system relatable to an immigrant community for whom traditional gardening techniques were standard. Weaving motifs of hills and water both into the logotype and a system of patterns referenced both the neighborhood topography and the hydroponic systems themselves.

Design services for the Greenhouse Project at Cypress Hills included identity, palette, information graphics, and signage concepts. Project partners met monthly and presented (with the aid of a translator) their initial design concepts to representatives of the community that would eventually be using the greenhouses. The project was exhibited September 14–October 15, 2011 at GD Cucine Gallery, New York City.

Here's a write-up of the project in Change Observer.