Tessa & Jeff

After a visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden's herbarium, I was inspired by their extensive historic collection of pressed specimens. When Tessa and Jeff asked me to design the invite for their Utah upcoming Utah wedding, I of course decided to make a return trip to the herbarium to look at material gathered from Utah.

One high resolution scan and a little photoshop later, I had a gorgeous 100-year old image of the state flower of Utah, with two blooms and stems intertwined. The ornate borders of the collector's antique stamp inspired the rest of the design. The couple married in an aviary in downtown Salt Lake, and Utah's unofficial state creature is the bee (a symbol of the industrious nature of the early Mormon settlers), so of course a bird and a bee also figured into the design.

I adapted the design into a beer label for a honey ale that Jeff & Tessa's friend John Nowoslawski brewed custom for the event.