Native Flora Garden

Art Director Sonal Bhatt

Designer Manny Jose

Brooklyn Botanic Garden's expansion of their Native Flora Garden incorporated a suite of interpretation throughout both the new and the original garden trails. The preexisting all-brown signs scattered through the Native Flora Garden, while sorely in need of a refresh, did do a nice job of not disturbing the natural setting. The new signs retain the restrained monochrome look when viewed from a distance, but up close, the downward-sloping angle reveals a background texture that recreates patterns found on the floor of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: needles, animal tracks, and the occasional boot print (it's still supposed to be New Jersey, after all!). Signs are modular and installed end-to-end on rails, and the design template is easily replicable to allow content to shift as needed—which will allow the signs to evolve with the Garden.