Herb Garden

Art Director Sonal Bhatt

Illustrator Tim Gunther

Hand-drawn typography, graphite, and illustrations of the plants as freshly harvested, replete with dirt, all visually inform a visitor that this is a working “kitchen” garden. On consoles describing plants from a particular global region, plant icons connect the design back to an introductory map and reinforce the exhibit’s major theme of the global origin of food plants. The interpretation gives this collection a special relevance to the local community, as the project uniquely relates horticulture and botany to the Brooklyn locavore movement. The icon set, used throughout the garden, also allows for a visitor less familiar to the botanical world to connect the plant they see in front of them to the food item they purchase at the supermarket.

I developed the look/feel, color palette, secondary illustrations, icon set, and design structure for the entire project, as well as providing art direction for the large full color fruit and vegetable illustrations by Tim Gunther

The herb garden icon set won Print Magazine's regional design award for New York City, best icon category.