Garden Construction

Art Director Sonal Bhatt

Project Manager Anjali Satyu

I designed this identity system to engage the surrounding Brooklyn community in the first new building on BBG grounds in over 20 years. As this project is just the first in a series of large-scale improvements, the system needed to be adaptable for upcoming construction projects. Using silhouettes, I photographed and isolated over 100 plants found in the Garden so passing viewers could experience a mini botany lesson along the bottom edge of the construction wrap.

One key design element was a set of green square signs. These design blocks were useful in their flexibility, as this project existed over many thousands of linear feet both inside and outside of the Garden, as well as online. The signs, which pair a playful graphic with information about BBG’s history or sustainable features of the new building enmeshed into larger designs, appeared individually along long stretches of fencing as a cost-saving maneuver and were also adapted for use online.