2014 Gala Invitation

Video Production Tim Forster

Art Direction OCD Design

Urban Green is a non-profit that works to change the building industry in New York City to make a greener, more sustainable city. The problem was to create a design for their annual gala that was environmentally sustainable (down-scaled size and paper use, 100% post-consumer waste, recyclable), affordable for a non-profit budget, and attention-grabbing. Also, for the large component of invitees that exclusively see the invitation in their inbox, I wanted to create a virtual experience that would match the impact of a print invitation. 

Using iconic set-back NYC architecture as inspiration, and playing off Urban Green's “Building a Greener New York” tagline literally, I die-cut into a 100% recycled board, enabling invitees to assemble a miniature green building. This catered to the imagination of the target audience, who are mostly comprised of architects, engineers, and members of the real-estate industry. The tiny buildings also doubled as decor at the event itself.