A fresh graphic identity was long overdue for GreenBridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s community environmental horticulture program. My challenge lay in giving the group a more current, attention-grabbing look while still remaining within BBG brand. The sub-brand needed to be divisible even further as GreenBridge is actually a collection of 5 distinct programs with different audiences, funding streams, and material needs. The new identity system extended across an exhibit, signage, email headers, html and print newsletters, stickers, t-shirts, and a brochure comprised of a folder and nesting rackcards to allow for infinite combinations depending on the audience.

The Greenest Block in Brooklyn contest, a much-loved 20 year old GreenBridge program, needed a rethink on the signage system. Instead of using laminated or plastic signs as in previous years, I printed the signs on the backs of vinyl banners from the previous year’s events. Garden staff and volunteers helped with this repurposing project by measuring and cutting the banners. Brooklyn silkscreen studio Kayrock silkscreened the signs on the reverse side. Here's a blog post on the project.