Building Resiliency Report

Project Manager Chris Anjesky

Graphic Designer Sarah Steinmetz

Urban Green Council convened the NYC Building Resiliency Task Force on December 19, 2012 at the request of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn to create a set of proposals that would simultaneously advance resiliency and mitigate climate change in response to Hurricane Sandy. Real estate owners, property managers, architects, engineers, contractors, utility representatives, subject matter specialists, city officials, code consultants, cost estimators, and attorneys devoted nearly 5,000 hours over five months to discuss and develop these proposals. After their work was done, I designed a multi-page executive report of their findings. 

A system of icons differentiates the urgency of the recommendations and nuances between types of proposals—for example, an open padlock for a proposal that would remove an impediment to positive change, and a gavel for a proposal that would require a change to the building code. Double-page spreads function as chapter introductions, and feature powerful photography to humanize seemingly technical recommendations. The report also features charts and infographics that clearly demonstrate the need to improve our building stock in the face of climate change.